Agatha Christie
This product really works. During chemotherapy I lost all of my eyelashes, and after treatment they were weak and sparse, so I tried this product. It is easy to use (just like putting on eyeliner) and takes just a few seconds at night after I have removed my makeup. The results start almost immediately and within 2 weeks I had a full set of eyelashes again. Everyone remarks on my eyelashes as they are long and thick.
Beverly A. Lynn
I bought Latisse after I saw how my fiance's daughters lashes grew after she started using this product. I had also bought a rival product which was touted to have worked better than most; I actually find latisse works best. I have seen a noticeable difference. I have long lashes.
Lori DiGuardi
I purchased Latisse but considered that like many beauty product claims (and products I've tried), Latisse's claims wouldn't be true for me. How surprised was I that after a month of using the product my eyelashes are visibly longer, even without mascara! I purchased one tube and started using it in the beginning of February. Surely after using it about 30 days or so I noticed my lashes were longer. It is now almost 4 months later, I'm still using the same tube (and it still has quite a bit remaining. I don't use it every night now, maybe a few times a week.
I just want to say, thank you Latisse for such an amazing product. I've seen the difference in just 9 days. My eyelashes are getting longer and thicker. I waited 3 weeks before writing a review to be sure. I can't wait for my eyelashes to grow a lot longer.
I have tried many eyelash enhancer products, Latisse is BY FAR the best !! I did get a little eyelid discoloration, but I wear a neutral eyeshadow, so I am fine with it. My eyelashes are so thick and long...I am asked all the time if I wear false lashes.
Latisse works. I have very short and sparse eyelashes. Since using Latisse, my lashes are longer and thicker. The product seems to make lashes longer vs. thicker but I am happy with the result and recommend the product.
I've been using Latisse now for 8 weeks and it works!! I did not see any results until around week 6. My lashes are definitely thicker! I always hated putting mascara on and now it's fun! I love love love the results! The directions say to put it on at night, well I kept forgetting so I do it in the morning before I put on my makeup.
A. Nelsen
I really love this stuff. I've been using it for years and years. There have been times I have not used it for months and my eyelashes just go back to their normal length. It doesn't make my eyelashes any thicker (which isn't a problem for me), but it makes them SO long and with mascara they look amazing. If I use it daily for a long time I've even had to trim a few of my eyelashes because they get too long. I get asked frequently if my eyelashes are fake. Nope! Latisse just works so well!
I am a long-seller of latisse in my country, and this store offered me the lower price latisse than I ever bought from the other website. Very very good seller, I will continue to order.
Good supplier, I retailed latisse in my country, all my clients love this product, thank you!!
I have already written reviews for this product. It's amazing and it really, really works. Also works great on my eyebrows, which were getting lighter and thinner, especially after menopause. Finally had to stop using on my brows because they were getting too dark. Let them get to just how I like them, and now using this only once a week on my brows keeps them just right. My lashes are insane and so are my daughters!.
OMG my lashes grew! When I first got the product I would put it on daily. Now I'm down to 2-3 times a week. I'm so happy with my thicker, longer, and darker lashes. I had light lashes, so they weren't visible without mascara (which I hate wearing). Now I can see my lashes and that makes me feel good.