The desire to look attractive is universalas you can see that ladies spend huge time on their makeup every day. Thereyears a new type of eyelash beauty product named eyelash growth serum becamepopular. Which claimed to regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashesin few weeks.

If you are the one like me that haveinterest in using lash serum to increase eyelash size, you should carefullystudy details of eyelash growth serum.

There are various eyelash serums in the marketto enhance lash growth. The most popular and famous item is Latisse, which isthe first and only FDA approved serum. With active ingredient bimatoprost, itworks effectively to nourish and extend eyelash growth phase to get ideallength for your eyelashes.

Following is the potential side effect ofthe serum: Common side effect :Dryness of eyes, Burning sensation in the eye,Redness and irritation of the eyes, Visual changes

If you want to apply eyelash growth serum,highly recommend you to consult your doctor or read latisse reviews online toget comprehensive info.




  • Aug 21, 2017
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