We all want to get charming eyes andeyelashes. Careprost bimatoprost eyelash serum is the key of this problem. Ifyou want to take a try of the serum to increase size, these things you need toknow in advance.

Q: What cause your lash loss?

A: In fact, unhealthy habit will causeeyelash loss. Here we highly recommend you not to rub of the eyes or pick offeyelashes. Besides, the over-cleansing of mascara can also leads the lash loss.

Q: How to use careprost?

Choosing careprost is choosing the correctway to enhance lash beauty, this serum enriched with the effective ingredientsbimatoprost, that can help you regrow lashes longer, thicker and fuller. Justbrush the serum on your eyeliner every night before bed, and after 4-8 weeks,you will get amazing result.

In a word, our lashes need gentle care. Tomaintain the better state for lashes, we should clean face thoroughly everyday, the eye area included. Make sure cosmetic on your face has been cleaned up, then apply the careprost serum before bedtime.


  • Aug 15, 2017
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