Want to know how to get naturally longerthicker and fuller eyelashesIt takes more than a mascara or eyelash extensions to achieve gorgeouslashes that top! Here we'd glad to share some easy tips to get a lusheyelashes.

#1 Natural Oil

Do not need to spend more. Some natural oilsuch as castor oil is a great enhancer to nourish eyelash and also can be usedto thicken your eyebrows. All you need to do is apply the oil gently from theroots to the ends of your eyelashes. This is the natural and safe way for lashgrowth.

#2 Massage

Make a massage for your  eyelids. Just massage your eyelids beforebedtime every night and you will see the result.

#3 Primer

Mascara will help you to condition andenhance your eyelashes. Just apply this primer to clean lashes, follow up bycurling your lashes.

# Serum

The last and the most useful one is eyelashserum. which can help you regrow naturally longer lashes. You can apply theserum individually at night or combine the serum with above tips to achieveresult quickly. Latisse is an FDA approved serum to increase lash size, if youwant to to try serum, you can take a look at this brand.

how to get longer lashes

  • Jul 20, 2017
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