Not all of the people are lucky enough born with naturally longer eyelash, some of them are spending time and money to increase eyelash size. And also, there are so many lash growth products and tools in the market that claim to regrow eyelashes effectively. Which one is the best for you?

Here we highly recommend you to take a try of careprost, which is a famous brand of eyelash serum that is launched by Sun Pharma. This product is widely used for hypotrichosis  or enhance eyelashes, make the eyelashes darker, thicker and fuller naturally.

The main active ingredient is 0.03% Bimatoprost, which is similar to a natural chemical ingredient called prostaglandin in the body that can extend the eyelashes growth period to make new lashes grow longer and old lashes drop slower. LatisseĀ® is only and first FDA approved serum for lash enhancement,  and careprost has the same ingredient as Latisse but with only a quarter price of it. Therefore careprost is also called generic latisse or cheap version Latisse. It is a wonderfully alternative version of latisse. Just feel free to test the amazing result.

careprost result

  • Jul 07, 2017
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