People who want to regrow naturally longerthicker and fuller eyelash back with eyelash serums must be familiar withlatisse bimatoprost eye drop, which is the first and only FDA approvedconditioner to increase eyelash size.

Nowadays, you can also find some productclaimed to be generic latisse, such as lumigan, careprost. What's the differencebetween these drops?

Chemically it's the same. All of themcontain the same ingredients, and  onlydifference is they are get manufacture by different manufacturing company andthere is price difference. Careprost is cheapest eyelashes growing serum ascompare to Latisse and Lumigan.

If you want to grow longer lash with besteyelash serum but stop at latisse's high price, you can just take a try of thecheaper version of latisse, careprost.

careprost result


  • Jun 12, 2017
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