There are some certain  things play a important role in enhancing the appearance of all women. A thicker, stronger and fuller eyelash is one of them.Women always stay very conscious about their looks and to get more beautiful they can do anything. For some women, getting beautiful eyes is not enough as they also need very beautiful eyelashes that can easily enhance the sexy of their eyes. Their intense desire to look gorgeous forces them to adopt several available cosmetic products and handling alternatives. There are kinds of eyelash enhancing products available that you may easily utilize to find the same. Generic Latisse is one among them and it is considered very effective and fair.

There are two groups of lash serums: prescription and OTC. As is often the case, the prescription serum is a more potent product compared to one you can buy straight from a retailer. Currently, there's only one prescription treatment available: Latisse.

The active ingredient in Latisse eyelash serum is a bimatoprost, which works by keeping hair follicles in anagen, or the growth phase, longer.This increases lash-growing time, and results in longer, thicker, and darker lashes

In the most dramatic cases, Latisse can promote  the length, thickness, and darkness of the lashes, especially for those who have very short lashes to begin with. In fact, patients using Latisse should stop once they reach their desired length, as extended usage can create lashes that are too long. Some doctors will recommend you continue usage, but at a decreased rate.

  • Jan 05, 2017
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