Longer, Darker and Fuller Lashes with Latisse! 

Are you jealous when you are looking at your colleagues and friends long eyelashes? The question in your mind must be how she get longer and healthier eyelashes. In fact, these eyelashes are main reason which giving her face gorgeous look.  You think that I should also have long eyelashes. You can also gain longer and stronger eyelashes by using latisse eyelashes enhancer which is best solution to extend eyelashes growth. Longer eyelashes are necessary for enhancing your eye beauty. Eyelashes are the key element which gives your face trendy appearance.

There are two groups of lash serums: prescription and OTC. As is often the case, the prescription serum is a more potent product compared to one you can buy straight from a retailer. Currently, there's only one prescription treatment available: Latisse. The active ingredient in Latisse is a bimatoprost, which works by keeping hair follicles in anagen, or the growth phase, longer.

The results of clinical trials are available for you to see online, and once you start using latisse, you will experience them firsthand. The serum is applied topically, once a day, on the upper eyelid where the skin meets the lashes. In as little as four weeks, approximately a month’s time, you will see a visible difference. At 8 to 12 weeks, everyone around you will notice your much thicker and longer lashes with envy. And for a full dramatic change, you must use it for 16 weeks. At this point, eyelashes can be up to 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker. 

  • Dec 12, 2016
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