Secret Of How To Make The False Eyelash Realistic-looking

Our own eyelashes length can't reach our aesthetic requirements, therefore, there will be many women go  to paste false eyelashes. So, how to paste false eyelashes naturally, looks like real of yours? Together with Latisse official online to understand it.

Most of women love to stick false eyelashes, but if you want to make false eyelashes looks more natural and beauty, you need to look at the following points.

1,  Try to make false eyelash bend  as far as possible

Each false eyelashes are very stiff and very straight when was taken out  at the first time. You should swing it back and forth with your hand, until you feel it very soft, and this is the best time to  stick .

2, Prune false eyelash carefully

Too long false eyelash will looks false ! Not only the length of the eyelashes, but also the length of the lateral need you to pay attention. Make sure length is the same with your eyes.  The length of the eyelashes, can't be too exaggerated.

3, Count to ten

Don't hurry to stick false eyelashes on the eyes after put glue on the false eyelashes. Please wait ten seconds, then stick it on the your eyes, which can make false eyelash more firmly.

4,Look down

When you are wearing false eyelashes, keep your eyes looking down while wearing the false eyelashes, it will be more clearly observed whether the false eyelash wearing natural.

  • Oct 26, 2016
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