Know More About Eyelashes

It seems women care as much or more about their eyelashes as the hair on their head. How important is eyelashes? Most people have the desire for long, full eyelashes. In fact, fake eyelashes, known as falsies is the most common replacement for long thick eyelashes.

But, today we’ve become more sophisticated with our fake lashes. It is easy to tell whether a woman is wearing a strip of false eyelashes. Then in 2005, with the rise of eyelash extensions, the game has changed. Women can have a semi-permanent result with extensions, and other people can’t tell whether it’s your natural lashes or extensions !

Getting long thick lashes is important , below is the reasons.
They make our eyes look bigger!
They make us look more awake.
They make us look more youthful.
They pull the whole eye look together.
Mascara is useless without them.

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