Inadequate Eyelash Best Treatment – Bimatoprost


Research prove that a woman’s average lash length, thickness and color start to decrease between her 20’s and 30’s. By the time 60 years old, her eyelashes will be considerably thinner, shorter and lighter in color. Just like other human body hair, there is natural shedding of eyelashes as new growth pushes out old eyelashes. That is a perfectly natural body function. However, there are other reasons to cause eyelashes thin or eyelash loss, such as: age, normal cycle, care or trauma, medical condition, drug interaction.

Careprost active ingredient is bimatoprost 0.03% w/v, which is a once-daily, breakthrough prescription treatment available only through a doctor used to treat hypotrichosis, another name for inadequate or not enough lashes. Continually use around 4-6 weeks, you will get visible growth of eyelashes. And it can also be used on eyebrows. Same using steps as careprost. The reason why careprost is more popular than latisse is because careprost is much more affordable for the same effectiveness.
Careprost is FDA approved prescription eye drop found to be effective to treat inadequate or not long enough eyelashes. This treatment has the capability to grow lashes longer, fuller and darker.

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